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by Livia Quinn
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Storm Lake Box Set 1 (Destiny): Destiny Paramortals Books 1-3 by Livia Quinn
Livia Quinn
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The BEST BUY! this box set includes books 1-3 in the Destiny Paramortals: Storm Crazy, Cry Me a River, and Eve of Chaos
What readers are saying, "This is my new favorite series." “Can’t wait for the next one!” “Run don’t walk to the buy button” “Wow…just Wow! Give me some more!” "Tempest Pomeroy is one of the best paranormal heroines I've read."
Welcome to Destiny — is it Mayberry or Middle Earth?
A series of strange events in Destiny have Tempest Pomeroy reeling. Between her Djinn brother missing, the body she discovered in the clubhouse, and her quickening Tempestaerie powers approaching, not to mention all the Alphas in her world going crazy, well… to say she’s having a bad week would be like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on the Gulf Coast.
Tempe is a mail carrier and a Paramortal like her family, but until now - with only a few measly talents - she thought she might be adopted.
There’s an immediate attraction between her and Destiny’s hunky new sheriff, ex-Navy pilot Jack Lang, who’s investigating the odd occurrences, but it won’t last. All the men in Tempe’s life leave eventually.
Oh, and the sheriff? He thinks he’s settled in a normal small town to raise his teenage daughter—like Mayberry?! We’ll see how that turns out… As the Para-moon approaches and more non-humans arrive in Destiny, will Jack stick around, or take the next jet out of Middle Earth?

Interview with Livia Quinn

What makes this series special? It’s a fun emotional and quirky ride with twists and turns that will keep you guessing and relationships that make you want to come back for more. Think of it as a paranormal soap opera. One of my readers said, “Come to Destiny, you won’t want to leave.”

Book one is free, why should I keep reading the series?
Here’s what fans say after reading the whole series.
“WOW…just wow! Give me, give me, give me some more!!!
“Run don’t walk to the buy button. The Destiny Paramortals series is like a mini vacation away from the real world.”
“Tempest is one of the best paranormal romance heroines I’ve ever read. She’s funny, sarcastic, hard-working and has the power to wield storms with her fingertips.”
“This is my new favorite series!”

There’s also a new bonus edition where you get two for less than the price of one, the Storm Crazy Bonus Edition (books 1&2).

How would you describe the Paramortals? Destiny is a southern small town community; it’s an urban fantasy paranormal cozy, a world of vampires, fae, dragons, and various other supernaturals whose mission is to protect those weaker than themselves. Books 1-5 follow the transformation of Tempest Pomeroy as she comes into her power and Sheriff Jack Lang’s acceptance of his new world. But the series doesn’t end here – still to come Dylan and Kat, River, Aurora and probably more.

Are these books standalones? Destiny is a community much like yours and mine (just add magic) with recurring characters who experience challenges and growth throughout the series so the books should be read in order.

Storm Crazy
Cry Me a River
Eve of Chaos
Blame it on the Moon
Take These Broken Wings

Do you have any box sets?
Yes, you'll save money by getting the Destiny Box set, books 1-3. The new set, Storm Crazy Bonus Edition will be out soon - Storm Crazy and Cry Me a River for the price of one. Both give extra value for your buck. After book 6 comes out I’ll put out another box set.

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